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Cédric Bouchard來自香檳釀酒世家,他於西元2000年成立自己的酒莊,葡萄園大多分布在AubeCôte de Bar產區,土質以黏土及石灰岩組成,因緯度較香檳其它產區低,有著較溫暖的微氣候,非常適合Pinot Noir的生長。

Cédric最初僅有1.05公頃的葡萄田,後來擴充至1.37公頃,是香檳區超小型酒莊,而品質卻超越許多精品香檳,在國際級酒評家的評分中也屢屢拿到高分,法國的RVFGault et Millau兩家酒評誌也分別於2005年及2008年頒給Cederic香檳區最佳釀酒師頭銜。


Cédric Bouchard是香檳區極少數完全滿足單一年分””單一品種””單一地塊三個要素釀酒的奇葩,要知道由於氣候寒冷,香檳地區每年葡萄成熟度不一,多數的香檳廠為維護每年產量,多以混和年份、混和地塊為基本考量。



五個單一地塊(lieu dit)個別種植單一品種

Les Ursules – 種植Pinot Noir

Les Creux d’Enfer – 種植Pinot Noir

La Haute-Lemblé – 種植Chardonnay

La Bolorée – 種植古老品種Pinot Blanc

Presle – 種植Pinot Noir,依年份產量僅1000瓶左右。



其中在Presle這塊地,Cédric種下了10多種瑪撒拉選種*及克隆選種*Pinot Noir,因基因之中些微的差異造就了這款酒無與倫比的美味,也是香檳區僅此一家的作法。


除了以上五塊單一園,自2014年左右Cédric將父親留給他的另外兩塊田也併入自家酒莊,同為Roses de Jeanne系列,分別為Val VilaneCote de Bechalin,皆種植Pinot Noir,總計2.4公頃。


Céderic Bourchard擁有的地塊不多,又堅持單一年份釀造,因此每年產量僅從300瓶到3000瓶不等。對了,這極低產量除了要滿足以上三種要素,還得加入一個變數 – Céderic秉持自然動力法(Biodynamic)原則種植葡萄,更加花費人力心力,難上加難,於是,如果能喝到Roses de Jeanne系列香檳,真是很有緣份了 ! 



*瑪薩拉選種 : Selection Massale,中文也稱作混和選種,是將多株優秀的不同基因荖藤枝重新種回葡萄田,以保留葡萄田多樣性。

*克隆選種 : Clone,用單一母株的枝作為基礎,如此一塊田所有葡萄藤的基因皆相同,產量較穩,品質也較單一。



2016 Chardonnay Champagne Blanc de Blancs La Haute-Lemblé $9,600
VM96, WA97

...unwinding in the glass with scents of crisp green apple, blanched almonds, white flowers, crushed chalk and nutmeg. Medium to full-bodied, taut and incisive, with a racy spine of acidity and a concentrated, tightly wound core, it's long and penetrating, concluding with a mineral, mandarin-inflected finish. by William Kelley

2015 Chardonnay Champagne Blanc de Blancs La Haute-Lemblé  $9,900

The 2015 Blanc de Blancs La Haute Lemblé is one of the very best editions I have ever tasted. Beautifully focused, the 2015 dazzles with its richness, power and tension....by Antonio Galloni

2012 Chardonnay Champagne Blanc de Blancs La Haute-Lemblé   $10,600
VM95+, WA93

The 2012 Blanc de Blancs La Haute-Lemblé is the most nuanced and understated of these Champagnes. ....Simply put, the 2012 Haute-Lemblé is dazzling. Don't miss it!  by Antonio Galloni


稀有原箱OWC Magnum

2015 Champagne Millésimé Blanc de Noirs Les Ursules (OWC1) $19,800

...the weight and gravitas are very much front and center. Red cherry, kirsch, plum, mint and spice all blossom in the glass....This is such an inviting and expressive Champagne. by Antonio Galloni

2016 Champagne Millésimé Blanc de Noirs Les Ursules (OWC1)  $18,800
VM95, WA96

Aromas of fresh bread, crisp orchard fruit, citrus oil, clear honey and oyster shell introduce Bouchard's 2016 Blanc de Noirs Les Ursules, a medium to full-bodied, beautifully precise and tensile rendition of this emblematic cuvée. Fine-boned and elegant, it's seamless and penetrating. by William Kelley




微薰超限量預購   10月底到貨

2012 Cedric Bouchard Roses de Jeanne Rosé de Saignée 'Le Creux d'Enfer' $36000 限量2瓶 (年產量約150瓶) VM97

The 2012 Blanc de Noirs Creux d'Enfer Rosé is a truly special wine. Hauntingly beautiful in its aromatics, the Creux d'Enfer captivates all the senses with its weightless finesse and crystalline purity. Crushed rose petal, mint, savory, herbs, blood orange and cranberry give the wine its exotic, beguiling personality.... by Antonio Galloni

2008 Chardonnay Champagne Blanc de Blancs La Haute-Lemblé  
$13200 限量3瓶 VM94+ WA97

...soaring from the glass with a blaze of dried white flowers, pear, citrus rind and warm biscuits, complemented by a delicate top note of petrol as the wine unwinds. On the palate, it's full-bodied, layered and incisive, with an ample and enveloping core underpinned by a racy spine of acidity and concluding with a long, expansive finish. Unfortunately, this cuvée—produced from a 0.12-hectare parcel planted with five different massal selections of Chardonnay—is one of the domaine's rarest, but this is a superb effort at the peak of its powers. by William Kelley



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